In light of stress.


Oh what to say.  Well, erm, hrm….

So Tuesday we had an IFSP meeting with out Early Intervention Service Coordinators and 2/3 of my son’s therapists.  It was an extremely stressful meeting, and I became increasingly emotionally-charged until we got at least some of our service change requests in light of our son’s diagnosis and current needs.  There really is a lot to say about early intervention in New Jersey, some great, but a lot not so great when it comes to their handling of autism spectrum disorders.  It was a ridiculously long meeting, but at least we were able to increase our son’s authorized services from its current 2-3 hrs of service per week to most likely 7 hrs with a physical therapy evaluation.  I’m still feeling agitated when I think about certain situations, and I will be addressing these things sometime, but for now, just know Monday evening turned me into one of “those special needs tiger mommies.”

So Wednesday. Right.  My little man had a complex partial seizure laying on our couch after a very unusual nap.  I know it shouldn’t be a big deal because he didn’t get hurt, and it wasn’t a grand mal seizure… but it sort of confirmed that my son has been having seizures– something I have thought he was having, but was hoping I was somehow wrong (he had one normal 30 minute EEG a few months ago).  It’s more just scary thinking about what could happen, though I know that’s pointless to some degree… but come on, he’s my baby.  Can he just get a break?


And in light of all this stress, I will leave you with a piece titled The Special Mother.  Do I agree with every little word choice and phrase in it?  No way.  But does it speak to me?  Yes.  It makes me cry every time I read it.  Because regardless of the hows and whatevers about it… I am coming to terms with my role/life/place as a Special Mother.



About rhapsodyinautism

I'm a Mom of two little ones-- a two-year-old son newly diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder and a baby girl who is too young to make any guesses. I work a little bit from home for an environmental nonprofit, and I am a freelance journalist. I love cooking, singing, and autumn weather. And I'm married to a brilliant, involved Daddy. My son is an auburn-haired smartypants who loves trucks and jazz. He taught himself the alphabet at 20 months. He has a beautiful social smile, but he finds eye contact aversive. He is the reason I am writing this blog... because there is a huge lack in legislation, funding, insurance coverage, and understanding in regards to autism spectrum disorders. This will be my place to advocate, tell the tale of our journey, and hopefully share a few tears and laughs along the way. This is our family life, and we have embraced it.

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