Under the Sea Sensory Bin



Sensory bins are great for all kids and all ages.  They offer the opportunity to explore and experience textures, sounds, sights, sometimes even tastes, etc. etc. etc.  I keep this container of lentils to make different sensory bins and offer them to my son when he seems like he needs some stimulation.  This one features some instruments (you may see some members of the the Melissa & Doug Under the Sea Symphony) and some magnetic fish with magnetic rod.  My sister and her fiance gave my son that as part of his birthday gift, and he is just now starting to use his little fingers to twist the reel– it makes the sensory bin that much more of a great tool for little ones if you pull some sort of motor skill into it, and fine motor was my choice of the day.

For the kid affected by visual sensory issues as my son is, this is a great tool for talking about and differentiating colors– and then actually going fishing.  Our OT used this with him, and they buried the fish and then had to find them– great tactile stimulation and discrimination activity.

Of course, it is hard to keep my guy organized during an activity like this, but all two-year-olds can be a little wily regardless.  Hope this spurs your imaginations!


About rhapsodyinautism

I'm a Mom of two little ones-- a two-year-old son newly diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder and a baby girl who is too young to make any guesses. I work a little bit from home for an environmental nonprofit, and I am a freelance journalist. I love cooking, singing, and autumn weather. And I'm married to a brilliant, involved Daddy. My son is an auburn-haired smartypants who loves trucks and jazz. He taught himself the alphabet at 20 months. He has a beautiful social smile, but he finds eye contact aversive. He is the reason I am writing this blog... because there is a huge lack in legislation, funding, insurance coverage, and understanding in regards to autism spectrum disorders. This will be my place to advocate, tell the tale of our journey, and hopefully share a few tears and laughs along the way. This is our family life, and we have embraced it.

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