Monthly Archives: June 2012


It’s been a little while, ay?  Well, life is busy.  Sort of crazy busy really.  There’s so much going on, and lots of it is good.  G started ABA mid May, and my stress level dropped tremendously because of it.  I am not sure if it has been that I get two hours to play with the baby and clean or if it is that I know Gabe is getting more of what he needs or I get a little break every day from engaging/chasing/structuring everything.  But I think it is mostly that G is getting what he really needs to learn and engage.

So of course, we found out our therapist is leaving the center and she won’t be able to stay with us past next Friday.  We’re back to the drawing board when so much has already been gained… when I finally felt like the stars were aligned.

The work never ceases in keeping things smooth for a child on the spectrum.  And our little girl, while not displaying the same symptoms as our son, is now being referred for OT because she is engaging in a lot of sensory seeking behavior and doing motor tics.  It all is what it is, but it’s happening.

What has been amazing is that our son’s aggressive behavior has majorly decreased since starting ABA.  Learning turn taking intensely every day has helped him develop major skills in sharing, especially with his little sister.  How sweet it is to see him give something to her… spontaneously and nicely with a smile.

I have to eat my fears over an ABA program because my son is also learning to ask questions.  In jusT one week he has picked up on asking “What is it?” like wildfire.  This is a child who asked maybe…. two questions spontaneously ever before this program.  ABA is really worth it.

And that’s why I’m not giving up on working this out as our current amazing therapist leaves next Friday.  We’re going to get this straightened out.  And we won’t give up.

Don’t Give Up