I’m Erin.  I’m a 20-something Mom of two little ones– a two-year-old son newly-diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder and a baby girl who receives early intervention for communication deficits.  I work a little bit from home for an environmental nonprofit, and I am a freelance journalist.  I love cooking, singing (which I am fairly good at doing), and autumn weather.  In the past, I have taught special education in the Bronx (albeit briefly and partly a failure experience) and worked for a hospice volunteer department.  I am the oldest of four daughters, which I think tells you quite a bit about my personality and the sheer volume I am used to hearing.  I like the Oxford comma, goats, and the color purple.  I’m kind of obsessed with the Appalachian Trail, Bigfoot, the Civil War, and children’s literature.  My favorite novel is A Tree Grows in Brooklyn by Betty Smith.

My son (G) is an auburn-haired smartypants who loves cooking (as in, he does pretend play with vanilla extract and a self-constructed makeshift food processor), trucks and jazz.  He taught himself the alphabet at 20 months, and he happily will identify a rhombus or trapezoid.  He loves the smell of freshly ground coffee and hearing the word “crumb.”  He has a beautiful social smile, but he finds eye contact difficult to maintain.  Vacuums are acutely terrifying to him.  His current ‘big’ challenges are sensory (including sensory motor) and social-emotional communication.

My daughter (Little G) is a determined and serious firecracker who likes to keep moving (as in, she took her first step at under 10 months of age and tries to do “yoga” with the rest of us).  She’s cute as a button, is very engaged and likes to observe… as long as she can keep moving.  She’s has beautiful brown eyes and an Alice in Wonderland temper.  She’s not one for crowds.  She’s starting to use baby sign, and it’s an amazing experience.  I can’t believe she will be ONE this May.

My husband Dave has a heart of gold, an agile mind, and a very messy car.  He’s a witty, bespectacled cutie with a Master’s in Higher Education (which he earned over the course of making and raising two babies) and a Bachelor’s in Music Performance (Percussion) and Music Education.  Now working for our college alma mater, he once taught in the Bronx at an elementary school carrying a keyboard up and down four flights of stairs to every classroom.  He likes to watch Meet the Press while sipping coffee and cuddling his little ones.  He has also read The Once and Future King by T.H. White more times than he can figure.  We both love nature, hiking, a little bit of fantasy, and history.  And sleep… sleep is good.

Why do I write this blog? … Because I’m a person with something to say.  Because I’m a writer, and we have a story to tell.  Because no matter what people assume or say, there is a huge lack in understanding of the autism spectrum.  There is a also a huge lack in legislation, funding, and insurance coverage when it comes to autism spectrum disorders.  And it’s time to change that for all people on the spectrum.  This will be my place to advocate, tell the tale of our journey, and possibly share a few tears (and laughs) along the way.  To a certain extent, our family life is a rhapsody in autism, and we have embraced it.


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